Wood chip piles

Biomass energy

Ever since man made his first campfire to keep warm, prepare food, and keep predators at bay, we have been harnessing biomass energy for our purposes. Today, with the need for increased domestic sources of energy, biomass represents a renewable energy alternative to imported nonrenewable fossil fuels, many from politically unstable areas of the world. Wood or agri-products can be used to produce briquettes, charcoal, electricity, steam, or wood pellets.

Evergreen has completed hundreds of biomass material handling projects, ranging from numerous custom retrofits in existing industrial facilities to complete greenfield projects. Of these projects, many have included biomass material handling systems and related processing equipment. In several instances, the systems had to have the flexibility to operate with alternative fuels, e.g. woody biomass, shells, recycled wood, etc.

Waste-to-energy projects

On the cutting edge of emerging waste-to-energy technologies, Evergreen has designed systems utilizing pyrolysis, gasification, and anaerobic digestion. Because these techniques have the potential to produce more power from the same fuel than is possible with direct combustion, modern renewable initiatives are calling for more such facilities around the country.