Swiss Krono dryer tower


Our engineers, process specialists, technical designers, and support staff have the experience and creativity to provide our clients with innovative engineering solutions and cost-effective designs for both large and small projects.

Evergreen offers engineering and design services in the following areas:

  • Structural design and analysis
    • Industrial/commercial buildings
    • Bridges and trusses
    • Material handling systems
    • Tankage and storage bins
    • Overhead monorails/cranes
    • Foundations
    • Waste water treatment facilities
    • Seismic evaluation and analysis
    • Impact loading, vibration and fatigue
  • Structural condition assessment
  • Cold regions engineering
    • Foundations and buildings
    • Water supply and utilities
    • Hydrology and ice
  • Site development
    • Grading and drainage
    • Roads and railroads
    • Fire safety
  • Technical audits and reviews
    • Statutory authority
    • Insurance
    • Quality assurance