George Dickel Distillery


Evergreen Engineering® has considerable experience with environmental issues, and we work hard to minimize negative impacts on the Earth. Internally, our office supports sustainability through the use of motion-sensor lights, energy efficient HVAC, copy machines that minimize waste, and paper, plastic, and aluminum recycling. Externally, we’ve completed a number of environmentally related projects and we continue to actively pursue projects in alternative and renewable energies. These projects include:

Concentrated solar array with geothermal integration

  • Oregon Institute of Technology – Evergreen is designing a cost-effective integration of a concentrated solar thermal collector with the existing geothermal 280kW generator.

Anaerobic digesters

  • Columbia BioGas – An innovative biogas production facility that will convert local food waste into renewable energy and organic-based fertilizer products. Evergreen is providing detail engineering for the facility.
  • Green Lane Energy – A biogas facility that will compost organic waste such as food scraps, straw, manure and other materials to generate methane gas that will be collected and burned to power a turbine and produce electricity. Evergreen provided the tank design and electrical permitting assistance.

Pellet plants

  • Confidential Client – Evergreen provided pellet plant feasibility studies, code compliance assistance, and operational and process system analysis.

Plastic reclamation

  • Agilyx – Agilyx is the first in the world to economically convert difficult-to-recycle waste plastics into crude oil. Evergreen was the site engineer and also provided DCC body analysis, crane permitting assistance, bleed water canopy, Therma-flite relocation, hazardous operations review and electrical support.

Biomass power

  • Snowflake White Mountain Power – Snowflake is a facility with a paper mill sludge and wood-fired 200,000 PPH 850 PSIG / 750°F BFB boiler. Evergreen provided complete engineering for power plant, sludge dewatering, and woodyard installation.
  • Thompson River CoGen – Evergreen provided civil, structural, mechanical, piping, and electrical design for a 15 MW steam turbine generator at this co-generation power plant in Thompson Falls, Montana. In addition to providing all the engineering for the turbine island, Evergreen was contracted by the EPC contractor and the owner to fill in areas of engineering for the turnkey boiler and other areas of the plant.

We also offer environmental and permitting support:

  • National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Systems (NPDES)
  • Land use compatibility
  • Storm water permits