EEI Field Services

Field services

Evergreen Engineering® offers field support and construction management as an essential part of its operations. Since 2002, Evergreen has acted in an owner’s representative capacity for clients seeking a level of service beyond project management. We have completed numerous projects ranging from small to large assignments, with an average construction value of $10.5 million. During the construction phases, we are your partner – from concept to completion.


  • Assists clients in developing and implementing repair & project scopes of work.
  • Prepares RFQ documents for materials and contract services for the outage.
  • Facilitates and attends kick-off meeting with client.
  • Facilitates and attends organizational/planning meetings.
  • Develops project schedules and identifies critical path work activities.
  • Develops and refines material availability checklists prior to the outage.
  • Immediately preceding the outage, Evergreen’s team works onsite with client representatives and contractors to ensure that all final outage preparations are completed.
  • Provides around-the-clock shutdown management services, during which, Evergreen:
    • Supports, demonstrates, and ensures that safe work practices are used and client safety requirements are fulfilled.
    • Provides daily verbal safety and progress reports to client representatives.
    • Updates project schedules as required to ensure accuracy and on time startup.
    • Controls cost and work scope using and maintaining a change order log for each contractor’s scope change requests. Each scope change request entry into these logs includes a brief work scope description, estimated cost, and approval status.
    • Ensures that client reviews and approves or denies all change orders prior to start of work.
    • Ensures all tasks are successfully completed and that all QA/QC requirements are fulfilled prior declaring any task complete.

At the conclusion of the outage, Evergreen’s team prepares and issues an outage report, including key inspection discoveries, repairs and improvements completed, recommended non-recurring repairs for subsequent outages, and lessons learned.

Evergreen’s Shut-down / Utility Outage clients include:
  • Cascade Pacific Pulp, LLC / Pope & Talbot
  • Evanite Fiber Corporation
  • International Paper
  • Weyerhaeuser
  • Arclin
  • Collins Forest Products
  • Clearwater Paper