Substation designs

Evergreen has designed numerous substations and power distribution systems for industrial manufacturing facilities. Most of these designs started with
receiving 15 to 115 kV from the local power utility and included power distribution to the plant loads. Individual transformer sizes ranged from 1,000 kVA to 20,000 kVA and included both indoor and outdoor applications.

Substation design requires close coordination with the utility to provide for tie-ins and proper protection of personnel and equipment.

Primary voltage designs (layouts, specifications, and schematics) included switching, fusing, lightning protection, vacuum breakers, metering, grounding, selective coordination, aerial conductors and supports, as well as underground conductors with ducts and vaults.

Secondary voltage designs included solid and resistance neutral grounding, switchgear, feeders, SCADA monitoring, electro-mechanical relaying, solid state relaying, selective coordination, ground fault sensing, metering, bus ducts, and overhead and underground conductor systems.

Substation Design Projects:

Thompson River Co-Gen
Thompson Falls, Montana
Beaverton, Oregon
Georgia-Pacific Corporation
Monticello, Georgia
Oregon Steel Mills
Portland, Oregon
Pope and Talbot, Inc.
Halsey, Oregon
Scott Paper Company
Mobile, Alabama
Trus Joist MacMillan
Three Plant Sites
Morgan Products
North Carolina
Mead Paper Company
Escanaba, Michigan
Weyerhaeuser Company
Springfield, Oregon
Snowflake White Mountain Power
Snowflake, Arizona